About Richard Hart, LMFT and Harthelp

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If you’ve lived the experience, you don’t have the answers, but you just might know the questions…

Richard Hart, JD, LMFT

In 1987, I felt the impact of serious illness as people close to me battled with AIDS.  I was a new lawyer working in the practice of one of the early leaders of Aids Project Los Angeles.   I began to volunteer my time, whatever I could do.

I found that people not only needed help dealing with the disease.  Treatment and its effects required counseling and support of a completely different kind.  

I returned to school for my Masters in Psychology in 2004.  I began seeing individual clients in 2007.  My first practice was at Miracle Mile Community Practice, where I trained in Narrative Therapy under the supervision of David Marsten. 

In 2008, I joined the Cancer Support Community Benjamin Center.  CSCBC is the founding location of the nation’s largest illness support organization in the United States.  I became Interim Program Director in 2010 and Program Director Special Projects in 2011.  CSCBC pioneered the “Patient Active” concept for cancer patients, which is now the standard of care.  I am particularly grateful to Malcolm Shultz, JD, MFT, for his impact on my therapeutic approach.

The Harthelp approach has grown out of all of these experiences.  The practice draws upon the best of Narrative, Solution-focused, Cognitive Behavioral therapies and MBSR, (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction).  The approach is client centered, as we work toward the goals that you establish.  

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June 17, 2006

I am married to Mark Saladino.  We have been together for 32 years.

-Richard Hart, JD, LMFT