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While caring for your body, don’t neglect your emotional well being…

940 x 440 woman with doctorWhen you get a diagnosis, you have just arrived in a different world.


  • People in white coats suddenly become important in your life.
  • You develop a new vocabulary.
  • Things happen so fast or seem to take forever.
  • You are called on to make decisions that differ from anything you’ve ever done before.  ​

You need an experienced  guide to help you through the practical decisions and emotional issues you will face.

harthelp builds on the experience of others to help you make treatment and life decisions that you will feel good about. 

940 x 617 guy listening to doctor

Right now, caring for your emotional health is more important than ever.


    • In 2007, the Institute of Medicine issued the landmark study “Cancer Care for the Whole Patient: Meeting Psychosocial Health Needs.”
    • For the first time, the importance of caring for your emotional well-being during treatment was authoritatively recognized.  
    • Attending to your emotional health not only improves your quality of life, but supports your chance of recovery.
    • The study recognized that depression and stress are not just a natural part of illness, but can be managed.

Psychosocial support has been recognized as important in the treatment of all serious illness. Your quality of life is important to your recovery and must not be neglected.  

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Richard Hart developed harthelp based on his experiences as Program Director, Special Projects at Cancer Support Community in West LA .   

Harthelp works with you on the practical issues of illness, treatment and recovery while supporting your emotional well-being.  


    • know how to speak with your doctor, to get the best information and responsiveness.
    • understand how to handle changes in your relationships with friends and family
    • learn how to prepare for appointments to maximize effectiveness and diminish stress.
    • develop your own personal method for making decisions. 
    • identify your support systems and how to access them. 
    • care for the stress and emotional impact of illness and treatment.

With knowledge and support, you can be engaged in your treatment, diminish your stress and regain a sense of control.  You should not go through cancer or other serious illness without appropriate counseling and support.

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