LGBT Counseling and Support

What does it mean to be Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual or Transgendered in America 2014?

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Straight people don’t turn on the television and see debates over whether they are worthy of equal rights.


Our lives are the subject of political fights, hysterical media coverage, religious condemnation and a history of discrimination.  It’s hard enough to figure out who you are and what makes you happy without this chatter playing in the background.

Legally and societally, things are generally better. Gay, bi and trans people are increasingly accepted as equals.  However, the rapidly changing world can create even more confusion and anxiety for LGBT folks.  The cliche of handsome, rich, white and witty is not the reality of most gay men.  Marriage is now a choice, but a choice some may not want to make.    

When family, societal, religious or other external pressures rub up against who we really are, anxiety, stress and depression can take hold.   

Sorry, but this is not what most gay men look like.

When you know what is authentically right for you, not what you are told you should be, you can regain control and pursue your happiness.


There are issues that are unique to the LGBT community.  “Coming out is easy” is the new stereotype.  Even the most ho-hum coming out, takes some planning and is emotional. People are surprised by the range of unanticipated emotions.  Coming out remains a major life change, with the joys and challenges that accompany it.

We are also dealing with all of the same life stressors as everyone else.

  • navigating relationships
  • managing job stress
  • family issues
  • raising children
  • coping with loss
  • facing illness

These issues are universal, but resolving them is very personal.  

When you seek support, find someone who can understand you as a whole person.

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Harthelp combines elements of Solution Focused Therapy, Narrative Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction), to directly address the issues that are impacting your life.  

  • At the start of therapy, together we identify what you would like to achieve.
  • Throughout the process, we maintain a focus on relieving stress, anxiety and depression.
  • We explore various ways of approaching the problems to find the what works best for you.
  • We will work to achieve the goals set at the start and provide skills to maintain the gains achieved. 

There is no better time to start to improve your life.  Call, text or email.  Get started now.