Pre-Marital and Newlywed Counseling for Same Sex Couples

If you know what makes your relationship strong, you have the tools to make your marriage last.

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We are the pioneers.

We are creating the first legally recognized same sex marriages in the United States.  While we are adopting many of the traditions of marriage, the conventional roles of husband and wife are not immediately applicable.
This is the moment to discover what you and your spouse would like your ideal marriage to be.  
  • What expectations do you bring to your marriage?
  • Where did those expectations come from?
  • Would you like your marriage to be like your parents’ marriage?
  • When it comes to spending money, what are your priorities?
  • How will you make decisions as a couple?

There is no better time than now to understand why your relationship works.  

940 x 500 lesbian jewish weddingharthelp has three series for couples about to get married and newlyweds.  All programs are private sessions, 50 minutes each.  


  • 2 Session Essentials series:  Explore the foundations of your relationship and your expectations of marriage.
  • 4 Session Discovery series:  Go deeper into the reasons your personalities come together to create a strong couple.  
  • 6 Session Understanding series:  This program is generally done in two parts, 4 sessions prior to the wedding and 2 sessions after the wedding.  Watch the application of your new understandings as you move ahead in your marriage.  
Pricing and promotions are below.  

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Same Sex Marriage:  For all of the noise, it’s still about two unique people becoming one loving couple.

 Our relationships are the stuff of political fights, media coverage, religious support, religious condemnation and a lot of history.  We were raised seeing only mixed sex marriages.  We absorbed the stereotypes of how a marriage between a man and a woman worked.

With these influences at play, we are becoming the first same sex married people in the United States.  Our straight friends and family enter marriage with societally accepted roles for husband and wife.  We can choose to take on those basic roles or we can create something completely new or anything in between.  The start of your marriage is an ideal time to look at want you want your married life to be and how to achieve that.      

It is helpful for most couples to have a framework within which to look at why they their relationships works.  There are four foundations we look at together:

1.  Perspective: How do you perceive people, places and things?  Where did you learn this?  

2.  Priorities: What are the things and values that are important to you?  How do you balance pursuing these various goals?

3.  Communication:  How do you express your perceptions and preferences?  Are you being understood in the way you meant?

4.  Decisionmaking:  What goes into making a decision as a couple that satisfies both of you?     940 x 440 pretty lesbian couple on beach

Pricing and Promotions

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  • 6 Session Understanding series: reg. $1000, now $750

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