Support for life's biggest moments

Illness and Treatment Support

While caring for your body, don't neglect your emotional well being. No one should undergo serious illness and the impact of treatment without experienced, knowledgeable support.

LGBT Counseling

Lesbian, Gay, Bi and Trans people are experiencing great promise and great challenge. As we adjust to this changing world, we still deal with relationships, career, coming out, love and loss. Why figure it out alone?

Pre-Marital and Newlywed Counseling

If you know what makes your relationship strong, you have the tools you need to make it last. Uncover what makes you a great couple and great spouses.

More about harthelp

Harthelp was founded by Richard Hart, JD, LMFT. Richard is the former Program Director, SP of Cancer Support Community West LA. Harthelp provides illness and treatment support, LGBT counseling and Pre-Marital/Newlywed counseling
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